Ray Otus

A little zine on math rocks (polyhedral dice) for role-playing games.
Adventures for Dungeon World and other fantasy TTRPGs. 11 zines in both screen and printable booklet form.
A story-telling tool for solo play and fiction writers.
Original tokens for playing a fantasy football game, or for RPG stuff.
A tabletop micro-RPG of sword & sorcery fantasy. Based on John Harper's Lasers & Feelings.
A workbook for building an RPG campaign setting in 5 weeks.
A tabletop micro-RPG inspired by the earliest edition of The Hobbit.
A tabletop micro-RPG of weird horror, action and investigation. Based on John Harper's Lasers & Feelings.
A tabletop RPG set in the world of Barsoom. Based on Nate Treme's Tunnel Goons.

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